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Connecticut Premium Pay Program-Petition

Connecticut Premium Pay Program


Throughout the pandemic, our state’s public health and public safety have depended heavily on the efforts of frontline workers. Long before PPE and vaccines were widely available, Gov. Lamont designated these workers essential.

They have cared for patients, stocked grocery store shelves, answered emergency calls, operated public transit systems, educated and cared for children, and ensured taxpayers had continued access to other essential services.

The CT Premium Pay Program passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Lamont earlier this year was intended to provide up to $1,000 to eligible essential workers. $30 million was allocated to the program, but more than 134,000 applications have been approved.

Unless additional funds are added to the program, each worker will receive less than $250. Some will receive less than $50. Sums like those are more of an insult than recognition of a job well done.

Urge Gov. Lamont to keep his promise to essential workers by fully funding the Connecticut Premium Pay Program!

The law also excluded a number of essential workers from the program. Gov. Lamont and the legislature should expand the program to include municipal and board of education essential workers and those in CDC vaccination category 1C – all of whom were designated essential but excluded from the program.

With your help, we can ensure Gov. Lamont will keep his promise to essential workers.

Click here to email Gov. Lamont and tell him to fully fund the CT Premium Pay Program!

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